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As anyone starting a business knows, it’s not easy. So much time and effort going on behind the scenes that no one ever really sees. Cliche things like late nights, endless hours sat at your computer, hours creating and making products for your customers, non-stop marketing, bookkeeping, etc… it’s endless and all true.

I have to admit that the past few weeks have been some of the most stressful and busy for me. It has literally been non-stop and even on the bank holiday weekend when I was supposed to be resting and spending time with my partner. We ended up coming back home early because I was having anxiety about not having enough time to do everything before my website was up and running in time for the 1st June.

What can we really do to stop this burnout from happening?

Deadlines – we all work to deadlines, some people (like me) use them to drive themselves and their business forward. Personally, without one I feel that I am procrastinating, but when setting them we should be realistic with ourselves and our time. If you have set realistic goals but you are not going to make them, even though it may seem frustrating, there is nothing wrong with pushing deadlines forward a little as long as you know you are working your way towards them.

Hands at working, writing lists and meeting dealdlines.

Lists – If like me you rely on your lists they become an entrepreneur’s best friend.  Organise your lists into different categories, such as sales, marketing, website etc. then display them on your wall. and ticket them off as you go along.  Once you see you are getting through them it will make you feel much better!

Diet and exercise – I will throw my hands up and admit that I have been getting much worse at this than I used to. Our focus is so much on our businesses that sometimes good diet and exercise go out the window. My partner is constantly telling me to take a break and do exercise.  Countless times we have both been busy and so tired that we are not in the mood to prepare food or find comfort in the wrong foods.

However, these are actually things we can control. Take 20 – 30 mins of your day to take a short break and exercise. This does not even mean you have to go to the gym, this could be done at home with a short routine from an exercise app or a yoga routine.

When preparing meals,  make extra and freeze it so that on those extra long days you can just defrost and use that food instead of having to spend longer preparing.

Sleeping kitten, cat, feline.

Sleep-  Man I wish I was a good sleeper, it’s so important, everyone keeps saying right?

Well, they aren’t wrong and it is very important for brain function and mental health. so what can you do if you are not a good sleeper?

Set a time at which to finish working, This may vary during your busiest times. But try to stick to a routine of finishing at the same time, make a list of all the things you can remember that you need to pick up on the next day before finishing time (don’t forget you still have your lists on the wall for long term to do’s), then take a break, rest your mind, have a cup of (herbal) tea to relax and take a moment to yourself.

Teas to consider for relaxation: – 
Less Stress More Zest blend. Lemon and Lavender
Less Stress more Zest Blend.

Less Stress more Zest ( lemon and lavender blend from Mindful Roots Tea)! Chamomile, Lavender and Hemp Tea.

Travel – lastly one of the most important things! Get off social media and take a proper break. Get out in nature, go to the beach, hike in a forest, experience new cultures. Whatever you enjoy doing the most DO IT!

This isn’t an extensive list but a few little changed you can make to your schedule to try and help avoid the burnout.

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Leave us a comment and let us know what your favourite tea is that helps you relax? Do you have any other tips?

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