Mindful Roots Tea celebrates winning Gold ward at the prestigious Nourish Awards For immediate release Bedfordshire based independent tea company has won a prestigious award for its Island Sorrel herbal blend. Mindful Roots Tea was announced as a winner at the 2022 Nourish Awards, the leading health food awards in the UK. The Nourish Awards […]


3 Health Benefits of Lavender Tea Salt Bath

You’ve probably heard that soaking in the tub can be a soothing experience. But have you ever considered adding a special ingredient to your bath? While the majority of people might like to relax in plain water or bubbles, making this small addition can actually do your body good. Lavender tea salt baths are a…

How to make: Cold & Flu Home Remedy

Here is a common classic herbal remedy for colds and flu, lemon ginger and honey, but with a twist. Our version is vegan and comes with some extra immune boosters that you don’t get in your regular home remedy. We have added some rosemary, maple syrup instead of honey and yes you are reading it…

How to make: Fresh Thyme Tea – A Home Remedy

Thyme is a shrub that grows in most gardens or is easy to find in any supermarket. Mostly used as a cooking herb, but did you know it also makes the most aromatic tea with lots of health benefits? Thyme has been used for thousands of years as an expectorant, antioxidant, and immune support. Some…

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