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June is National Iced Tea Month!

There is nothing as refreshing as a Cold Drink on a hot day. We have some healthy alternative to fizzy drinks with  some of our favourite Mindful Roots Iced Teas to try with our loose leaf tea blends. They are all natural ingredients, no added flavour or sugar. Below you will find out how to make a Cold Brew and also

Island sorrel - Traditional Jamaican drink made with hibiscus and spices. A thirst quenching Iced Tea.

Our Island Sorrel Blend, Traditionally  a drink from Jamaica. Hibiscus and spices. If you would like to make this alcoholic you could add a splash of white rum.

Less Stress more Zest, Iced Tea. A refreshing lemon and lavender blend.

Our Less Stress more Zest blend. Perfectly balanced Lemon and Lavender. Refreshing and calming. 

Apple Spice, an apple and cinnamon blend made as a refreshing Iced Tea.

Our Apple Spice blend, not just for Christmas. Pink in colour, a fragrant blend with sweet apple flavour and a cinnamon twist

How to make a Cold Brew: 

You will need:

  • 1 teaspoon loose-leaf tea per 170ml – 200ml of water.
  • Bowl or a Jug

You can also add extras to the brew when serving  such as: Fresh Lime Slices to the Island Sorrel, Dried Lavender and Fresh Lemon Slices to the Less Stress more Zest, Fresh Apple slices to the Apple Spice.


Choose you favourite blend, combine loose-leaf tea  and water in a pitcher  or a large bowl and let the tea infuse the water for 6 to 12 hours in the refrigerator. Strain, and you have cold-brew tea that will taste great for days!

How to make an Iced Tea:

You will need:

  • An infuser
  • Boiling hot water
  • Tea Pot/Cup
  • Fresh cold water
  • Ice
  • Garnish with fresh lime slices, lemon slices or apple slices

Place 2 tsp per person of your blend in an infuser and place in a tea pot or cup. Cover with 1/4 teapot or 1/4 cup of hot water and leave to brew for 10 mins.Top off with cold water and ice.


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Hello, I’m Elle a Tea Champion through the UK Tea Academy. I started Mindful Roots Tea as I have a passion for all things tea. I curate delicious, fun, all-natural tea blends that have added wellness benefits.

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