How to make: Fresh Thyme Tea – A Home Remedy

Thyme aerial view

Thyme is a shrub that grows in most gardens or is easy to find in any supermarket. Mostly used as a cooking herb, but did you know it also makes the most aromatic tea with lots of health benefits?

Thyme has been used for thousands of years as an expectorant, antioxidant, and immune support. Some cultures even use it to calm the nervous system. In this article, we will go over how to make thyme tea and the health benefits associated with it.

Here are some facts about thyme:

  • Thyme is an herbaceous perennial plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants, which includes mints, oregano, lavender, and many others. It has woody stems and produces small white flowers throughout summer. The leaves are fragrant when crushed or bruised and can be used fresh or dried for cooking or medicinal purposes.
  • Thyme was used by the Ancient Egyptians for embalming and the Ancient Greeks used it in their baths and incense in their temples as a source of courage.
  • Thyme contains thymol, which is a phenolic compound that gives thyme its spicy flavor and aroma. It also contains tannins (polyphenols), which help protect cells against damage caused by free radicals; they are also thought to have antioxidant properties.
  • Thyme may be expectorant, which means it may help expel phlegm or mucus from your lungs, so it’s perfect for cold and flu season.
  • This tea may have a calming effect on the nervous system, making it perfect for when you need some energy or just need to relax after a long day.
  • It’s also been shown to support the immune system and help fight off colds when taken regularly over time!
How to Make Fresh Thyme Tea


A very simple easy way to prepare Thyme tea.

1) Get yourself 3 sprigs of Thyme, add your leaves to an infuser, and place them in a cup.

2) Using a kettle boil your water.

3) Pour water into your cup, over your infuser containing loose-leaf thyme leaves

4) Let it steep for 10 minutes

5) Remove your infuser and enjoy! Happy Mindful Sipping

If you have any questions we are always happy to answer them, contact us now.

Have you tried this infusion? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below

People interested in trying Thyme Tea should use it as a supplement and not a replacement for their usual medication regimen. If in doubt always consult a health professional before trying.

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